Instagram has recently become one of the most popular social media applications among people. Nowadays, we use Instagram not only to know more about our families, friends, and colleagues but also to become famous, develop our business or even make our purchase online. We have all heard about the probability of getting hacked on Instagram and have wondered what strategies we should use to protect our Instagram accounts from being hacked. Getting hacked on Instagram is an unpleasant situation and nobody likes to experience it especially if Instagram is the main source of their income. So what can we generally do to keep our Instagram account safe? In the following, we outline 15 important tips which help you keep your Instagram account secure:

Choose a strong password for your account

Instagram suggests that you use a combination of at least six characters including lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation marks like an exclamation mark or question mark. You should not choose the words of a dictionary as your password because they can be quickly decoded by hackers. Your personal information such as your name, phone number, pet’s name or any other pieces of information that can be easily found should not be used. For a more secure password, you can also replace the letters with numbers and symbols. As an example, you can write “great singer” as “Gr8$inGeR”. If you have a business account and your colleagues also have access to it, make sure to create the password far more different from all your personal passwords and give it to the least possible number of your colleagues. It helps you to protect your account from being hacked as the fewer people know your password, the more secure your account will be in the future.

Enable two-factor authentication

Instagram provides you with two-factor authentication — or 2FA — which makes you prevent hackers from taking over your Instagram account and changing your contact information including your username. Whenever someone logs in to your account from an unknown device, (s)he will be forced to enter a code which has been sent to the mobile number linked to your account in order to be able to access your Instagram account.
To turn on two-factor authentication, tap the “settings” button. Then scroll down and tap “Two-Factor Authentication”. Turn on “Require Security Code”, add your mobile number and verify it. Finally, take a screenshot of your mobile screen and keep the backup codes with you. Turning two-factor authentication on means Instagram will send you a security code when it needs to confirm that it is you logging in to your account on Instagram.

Secure your primary email account

If someone has access to your email account, (s)he can have access to your Instagram account or other accounts as well. You should change your email account password regularly (explained below) and enable signing in to your account with “two-step verification”.

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Allow access to authorized third-party apps

You should revoke access to suspicious third-party apps as they do not follow the terms of use of Instagram and can let hackers access your personal information. Basically, you should allow access to third-party apps if it is necessary.

To revoke access to suspicious third-party apps, log in to your Instagram account though desktop, then click on “Edit Profile”. The phrase “Authorized Applications” is on the left column. Click on the phrase and manage the apps you have already allowed them to access your Instagram account. Well-known authorized apps like AiGrow which is an Instagram automation platform that helps you target, engage, and get more Instagram followers, can remain on the list.

log out of Instagram if you are on a shared device

If you are using a shared computer, you should keep in mind to log out of Instagram whenever you are finished. Also, you should remember not to check the “Remember Me” box or you will be logged in even if you close the browser. This simple tip certainly makes you protect your Instagram account from being hacked.

Your passwords are YOUR passwords

You shouldn’t give your Instagram password to people, applications or websites you don’t know or trust. It’s very obvious but if you trust anyone, you may deliver your password detail to hackers through phishing.

Change your Instagram password frequently

Keep changing your password regularly. Sometimes, Instagram asks you to do so because it has detected that your password may have been stolen. Changing your Instagram password can protect your Instagram account from being hacked in the future and makes your Instagram account more secure.

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Use different passwords for different accounts

If you have the same passwords for all your accounts, you have increased the probability of getting hacked. You can keep your accounts secure by simply creating different passwords for each one of them.

Check your email and restore your Instagram account

Instagram may inform you about the changes which have been made on your account and asks you to confirm that you are aware of them. If you have not made the changes, you should click on “revert this change” button in the email or click on the related link and then change your password quickly.

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Block suspicious followers to protect your Instagram account from being hacked

If your page on Instagram is private, do not accept the following requests from suspicious people. In case your page is public and you suspect any of your followers, you should block them quickly to keep your Instagram account secure.

Do not open unknown links or shortened URLs

Never open links or shortened URLs on Instagram if you do not recognize or trust them. Also, you should not download the software you do not know anything about it. If you open unknown URLs or links, the hackers may access your personal data using malware hidden behind them.

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Evaluate the account you want to follow on Instagram

Make sure you know the account you want to follow on Instagram. They may get your personal information after you accept their following requests in return or direct you to unreliable links after DMing you and hack your account. This evaluation also helps you protect your Instagram account from being hacked.

Do not open attachments from unknown sources

You have probably received DMs including attachments. Some of them are designed to hack your mobile phone or PC. Be careful about these attachments and take no action against them.

Make your account private

You do not need to share all the moments of your personal life when posting on Instagram. If your page is public, your personal information may be seen by hackers as well. To protect your Instagram account from being hacked, you can make your account private. All you need to do is that you go to your Instagram profile, tap the “settings” button and scroll down to “Private Account” option. Slide the button (it turns to blue) and make your account private.

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You should try to protect your Instagram account from being hacked as your data on Instagram is important and hackers may use them against you. There are many ways to keep your Instagram account secure and we mentioned the most important ones above. Let us know in the comments if you know about any other tips and strategies to keep your account secure!